Best Credit Repair Companies of 2021

Deciding to regain control of your financial life by improving your credit score is a wonderful goal. The problem for many, though, is they don’t know where to start or what needs to be done to recover their score. Thankfully, credit repair companies exist to help you through every step of the process.
The best credit repair companies offer affordable solutions to help you not only to raise your credit score but also to monitor your score and keep it raised.

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    The 8 best credit repair companies of 2021

    The best credit repair companies of 2021

    Credit Saint: Best for package choices

    The credit restoration program at Credit Saint comes with a full 90-day money-back guarantee. Throughout the process, customers can monitor their credit repair progress on one page online and choose the aggressiveness level of the company depending on their credit repair needs. Credit Saint offers three different plans based on different customer needs. This allows you to pay only for what you need.

    Lexington Law: Best for complex disputes

    If you think you have a lot of disputes that are incorrect or unfair on your credit report, Lexington Law may be the best fit for you. The company boasts that it takes a heavily legal-based approach to fight for a better score for you. Those looking for a company to leverage the law in their favor could greatly benefit from the team at Lexington Law. Best for long-term planning

    The specialists from know how to dig deep and get results. In 2018, members saw an average of 28 different items challenged on their behalf. The company only needs success on a few of those items to start improving your financial picture and, ultimately, your credit score. The company also takes your score evaluation and develops a long-term gameplan. This forward planning can help you to prepare for what’s to come with full transparency.

    The Credit Pros: Best basic package

    The features available to help you raise your credit score from The Credit Pros are robust. The company offers unlimited dispute letters, goodwill letters to creditors, ID theft restoration and insurance, 24/7 access to your client portal and cease and desist letters to collection agencies on your behalf. The ability to use all these features with most being unlimited is nice, especially for those with a lot of work to do on their credit report. Additionally, The Credit Pros offer dark-web monitoring and social-media monitoring to give an even more expanded coverage footprint to customers.

    The Credit People: Best for loan approvals

    While The Credit People do follow most of the same procedures as some of the other credit repair companies on the list, it’s clear the company’s main focus is helping people get approved for loans. The company boasts that over 70% of people who used its services were able to gain approval for car loans, home loans, new credit or refinancing after using the program. Additionally, the company offers a solid satisfaction guarantee. Month-to-month customers can cancel at any time and not pay for that month. Six-month prepaid customers have a full six-month guarantee on services and satisfaction.

    Sky Blue Credit Repair: Best for dispute cadence

    While many of the service providers on this list offer unlimited help, Sky Blue offers assistance in bundles. While this might seem less ideal, the company boasts it’s the quickest pace and the best value in the industry. Sky Blue disputes 15 items every 35 days, limited to 5 per bureau while many other credit repair companies dispute the same number of items every 45 days. The shorter turnaround for disputes makes Sky Blue Credit Repair a more aggressive repair company.

    American Credit Repair: Best for custom pricing

    While most credit repair companies list blanket pricing for all customers, American Credit Repair takes a different approach. The company takes a look at your unique case first and then decides what they think is a fair price. For those with unique situations or looking for a more tailored approach, this may be a good fit. American Credit Repair does mention a $225 processing fee, which is steep, but they do say it deducts part of this with successful help.

    The best credit repair companies: summed up

    ProviderMin. Monthly CostMax. Monthly CostOne-Time FeeFree Consultation?
    Credit Saint$79.99$119.99$99 – $195Yes
    Lexington Law$89.95$129.95NoneYes$99.95$99.95$14.99Yes
    The Credit Pros$19$149NoneYes
    The Credit People$79*$79$19Yes
    Sky Blue Credit Repair$79$79NoneYes
    American Credit RepairVariesVaries$225Yes

    * Greater discounts available for committing to more than one month of service

    What is a credit repair company?

    Credit repair companies are businesses that help people raise their credit scores and repair their credit. Often, this starts with a detailed analysis of your existing credit report to see where they may be able to help. These companies are experts when it comes to finding discrepancies or information they can get removed from your reports. Most companies handle these disputes on your behalf, so you don’t have to talk to any of your creditors to resolve the issues. Ultimately, they stay in business by helping people in all sorts of unique situations improve their credit profile.

    How should I choose the right credit repair company?

    Choosing the right credit repair company is a significantly important step in helping to recover your financial picture. You will want to do extensive research on the companies you’re interested in working with as not every company is created equally or has the same quality of results.

    “Unlike doctors or lawyers, credit repair companies’ employees do not take any sort of competency examination,” Charlie Scanlon, President of Phoenix Credit Consultants, explains. “Research the company that you are considering and ask them how the work of restoring your credit gets done and who does it. Look for a company that employs credit experts who are educated about credit and who will provide you with personal service.”

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